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Mantras to Encourage Self-Love

Add These 5 Mantras into Your Daily Routine to Encourage Self-Love

Self-care is often relegated to physical activities: writing in a journal, maintaining an extensive skin-care routine, or reading a book before bed. But you can't fully take care of yourself until you show yourself unconditional love — feeling good starts from within. To help set aside any self-doubt, try incorporating mantras into your daily routine.

Write down mantras in a journal doesn't require carving out an hour of your day. You can repeat them out loud every morning, write them down in a note on your phone for when you need a quick reminder, or even put sticky notes on your computer monitor if you want constant support throughout your day. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn five mantras that will undoubtedly encourage self-love.

"I feel beautiful. I am beautiful."

When you need a kick of motivation to start your day, say this mantra. Take a moment to look in the mirror and show yourself kindness. Remind yourself that you're enough just as you are, and repeat it every day until it rings true.

"I give myself the liberty to say no."

If it feels like you're pushing yourself to meet other people's expectations, go easy on yourself. Setting boundaries is important — say no to plans with friends on nights you'd rather stay home, and turn down second dates if you don't feel a connection. Above all, do not feel guilty for making the right decision for yourself.

"I will celebrate every win, even the small ones."

Job promotions, engagements, new apartments — these are milestones we celebrate. However, more routine accomplishments go without recognition. It's high time we show those small wins some love — so next time you're headed to a friend’s place, bring a bottle of Kendall-Jackson, pour a few glasses, and propose a toast to a recent success. Whether it's taking a walk during your lunch break or mopping the floor for the first time in months, give it up for all of those moments — big and small.

"I will allow myself to take breaks."

Here's another mantra to establish boundaries — this time within yourself. It's a statement that can extend to any aspect of life: allowing yourself to take a rest day from the gym or going for a walk between meetings. Remember: taking time for yourself ultimately increases your productivity, so grant yourself the freedom to enjoy some much-needed R&R.

"I am worthy of happiness. I am worthy of love."

If you're doubting your self-worth, this mantra will shift your mindset. Repeat it when you're feeling insecure, meeting new people, or hoping to move on — it's a mantra everyone could use from time to time. Assure yourself that you are worthy of all that life has to offer, including happiness and love.

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