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Conversations to Have Before Moving In Together
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Deciding you're ready to move in with your significant other can be a huge step. Living together comes with many perks — like the possibility of splitting the rent with someone or impromptu date nights just because you're both home — but also a couple of potential pitfalls.

Chief among them is the possibility of more serious conflicts as you and your partner figure out how to join your lives together, according to therapist Sheila Addison, PhD, LMFT. "A lot of what seems like surface-level conflicts — who should do what kinds of chores or how often we should have people over or whatever — that couples get really, really stuck on are because they turn out to be connected to deeper meanings," she explains. Having a few open and honest conversations before you move in with your partner can help you navigate some of these challenges — Dr. Addison recommends getting started with these five topics.