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Here's What to Do If You Put Too Much Salt in Your Food

This Genius Hack From TikTok Gets Excess Salt Out of Food, and, Um, Who Knew?


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The more time we spend on TikTok, the more we realize there's a hack for just about everything. Want to take a drab photo to the next level? Try this photo-editing tip. Looking for a way to make oversize jeans fit? There's a simple fix for that. How about if you want to learn how to really clean your house? Yup, we've got tricks for that, too. And now, what if you put too much salt in a meal and you have no idea how to fix it? While it might seem like there's no coming back from that mistake to save your meal, lo and behold, there's a hack for that, and it's nothing short of genius.

Thanks to TikTok user @vnklove, you never have to worry about oversalting what you're cooking. All you need is a potato and some patience, and your meal will be as good as it was before the salty overload. Here's the scoop: Say you're making a batch of soup and you accidentally dump too much salt into the broth. Simply skin a potato, throw it into the soup, and let it cook. By the time the soup is ready to be served, the potato will have soaked up the excess salt, meaning your dish is as good as new. This hack obviously works best for dishes with some type of sauce or broth, so just keep that in mind as you cook. Thanks, TikTok, for yet another hack we didn't know we needed!

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