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Trader Joe’s Snowman Hot Cocoa Bomb

This Trader Joe’s Snowman Hot Cocoa Bomb Would Be a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

In my humble opinion, nothing is more delicious or cozy this time of year than a piping hot mug of cocoa. Hot chocolate is a classic holiday staple, best enjoyed by a fireplace while snow flurries outside and Christmas carols play in the background.

Now, Trader Joe's is making it a little bit easier to step up your gourmet winter beverage game. Introducing: the hot cocoa bomb. A hot cocoa bomb is a ball of chocolate that, when dropped in a cup of warm milk, melts into sweet, creamy goodness — and the version sold at TJ's happens to be shaped like a snowman.

Since hot chocolate wouldn't be the same without marshmallows, this festive little guy is filled with mini ones, plus a milk chocolate surprise! Technically, the snowman bomb has all the ingredients you need, but you can also include whatever other toppings you'd like. Add a candy cane for a seasonal flair, swirl in a cinnamon stick, or pile on the whipped cream — the more creative, the better.

The adorable Frosty look-alike is available at Trader Joe's stores for $2 while supplies last. But don't get too attached. It won't be long before he melts away.

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