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Smoky Melon Pisco Sour Cocktail Recipe With Photos

Creamy and Delicious, This Smoky Melon Pisco Sour Is Perfect For Every Day That Ends in "Y"

Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm's Smoky Melon Pisco Sour

There's no better time than right now to take advantage of the season's most celebrated ingredients by making a delicious cocktail. Fresh watermelon juice is a perfect addition to a number of warm-weather beverages, including the Pisco Sour. As a classic South American drink, this beverage can be made in a variety of ways, but for a fun summer twist, add a splash of watermelon juice and a dash of smoky mezcal.

This Smoky Melon Pisco Sour recipe is both refreshing and simple to prepare. Made with pisco, mezcal, fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh watermelon juice, and simple syrup, among other key ingredients, this frothy and smooth cocktail will delight your taste buds with its exotic flavor. For an enhancement, rim the glass with chipotle salt to add a hint of spice and extra smokiness.

When crafting this cocktail at home, you'll also want to create as much foam and froth as possible so you can artfully dot the drink with Angostura bitters. Raw egg white is the ultimate ingredient to use because it not only adds a creamy texture and silky mouthfeel, but it also creates the lovely froth that you typically see on top of a Pisco Sour. To foam the drink properly, add the raw egg white in a cocktail shaker, then dry shake the drink (aka without ice) for 10 to 15 seconds, then shake again with ice to cool the liquid ingredients down. Use a Hawthorne Strainer to separate the liquid from the ice, capturing as much foam as possible.

Ready to try this delicious drink for yourself? Keep reading for the full recipe.

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Smoky Melon Pisco Sour

Original Recipe by Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm


-When creating the watermelon juice for this recipe, keep in mind that a quarter of a small, seedless watermelon yields about 7-8 ounces of juice once the pulp has been removed. Be sure to save the extra juice for a second round!
-Since this recipe also contains raw egg white, take precautions, but know that the risks of consuming it in a cocktail are very low. Just be sure the shell of the egg is clean before cracking and separating the egg white from the yolk. If you’d rather not use raw egg white, don’t stress! You can substitute it with chickpea juice, also known as aquafaba, to create froth, although using raw egg white is typically the preferred method. And trust me, it’s worth it!

Smoky Melon Pisco Sour Cocktail Recipe With Photos


  1. Watermelon Juice
    ⁣1/4 small seedless watermelon ⁣

    Chipotle Salt Rim
    1 lime wedge
    1 tablespoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon chipotle chili powder
  1. Smoky Melon Pisco Sour
    1 1/4 oz. pisco
    1/2 oz. mezcal
    1 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice
    3/4 oz. watermelon juice
    3/4 oz. simple syrup
    1 egg white
    Angostura bitters
    Garnish with a chilled watermelon ball and a seasonal flower


  1. Cut the watermelon into quarters, then scoop out a few balls using a melon baller. Place the pieces into a bowl and then chill in the refrigerator as you prepare the watermelon juice.
  2. Add a quarter of the watermelon flesh into the bottom of a blender or food processor. Purée for 1 minute or until the watermelon chunks turn into juice. Using a fine-mesh strainer, separate the pulp from the juice over an 8-ounce Mason jar (save the extra juice for a second round!). Discard the pulp and then set the Mason jar aside.
  3. Rim a sour glass with a lime wedge and then dip the top of the glass into the chipotle chili salt mix to create a salted rim. Place the salted glass in the freezer to chill as you create the cocktail.
  4. Mix the pisco, mezcal, lime juice, watermelon juice, simple syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Dry shake (no ice) for 10 to 15 seconds. Add ice, then shake vigorously until very cold, creating as much froth as possible. Carefully strain into the chilled sour glass using a Hawthorne Strainer and then dot the foam with Angostura bitters. Garnish the drink with a cocktail pick holding a chilled watermelon ball and seasonal flower, then serve immediately.
Image Source: Jamie Evans / The Herb Somm
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