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Starbucks Sangria Red Tea in South Korea

Oh My, Starbucks's New Ombré Sangria Tea Is Quite the Sight to Behold

Step aside, Ombre Pink Drink. There's a new Instagram-worthy, Summer-ready Starbucks drink on the horizon, and man, does it look tasty!

The brand-new Sangria Red Tea, which seems to only be sold at Starbucks locations in South Korea (unfortunately), is a bit of a mystery. The exact ingredients are a tad tricky to come by on the coffeehouse's official website and social media pages, but a handful of lucky customers have already had the chance to sip on and share photos of the drink, which is giving us a pretty decent idea of what's actually in it.

It's not like that Teavana Shaken Iced Berry Sangria Herbal Tea that was widely sold last Summer — it's even better, if you can imagine that. This pretty ombré beverage is yellow-orange on the bottom and red on top, with apple and orange slices and a few grapes mixed in. We're assuming the orange color in the lower layer is orange juice and the top liquid layer is the sangria tea, but we'll be sure to update this post if more detailed information becomes available.

This fruity concoction looks like a drinkable version of a sunset. Does it get any more summery than that? We think not. Here's hoping this yummy beverage magically makes its way to the States this Summer!

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