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Video of Extraordinary Toddlers | I Kid You Not

These Extraordinary Toddlers Have Stolen Our Hearts

What makes a toddler particularly extraordinary? Is it their relentless ingenuity in the face of all of life's obstacles? Is it how often they love to go above and beyond to make their family smile? Or is it just being really unbelievably adorable?

Based on the videos that parents have submitted to us, we feel like the general consensus is: all of the above (and then some). From a future Michelin-starred chef, to a 1-year-old already perfecting her split, to the cutest kid/puppy pile we may have ever seen, the little tots in the video above are helping us see just how exceptional, unique, wondrous, and truly extraordinary toddlers can be!

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Thanks to each and every TikToker that shared their astounding tykes with us: @rachaelwoolsey, @chezoliz, @carabajalfamily, @nerothepom, @meettheashers, @baller_momma, @ohhmai, @emm3rick, @teddythet1dog, @hollylyn0, @kasieschoch, and @iwillnotbedefeated.

Do you have a video of your child doing something so cute or hilarious that you just have to share it with the world? We'd love to feature it in one of our videos! Send it to us here!

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